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February 15, 2006



Now that's a big cookie! Too cute! Thanks for posting the recipe.


OK I just read all your posts and rather than bombard you with comments on each of them I'll combine them. First I enjoyed reading every one of your posts. I love the kiddie & kitty picture, 2 of my favorite things and both of those were especially cute. WOW the apron. What a great seamstress that sweet little girl is. Those post cards are fabulous. I had an adventure in post card swapping and yours way put mine to shame. Your purses are so nice. I love the embellishments, especially the felt flower. I need to learn a blanket stitch. Those cookies look yummy and your writing is so neat! When I try to write with icing it never comes out like I want it to. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting so I could in turn visit yours. It was time well spent! I am glad you saw my purse tutorial. When I posted it I wondered if anyone would even see it or would care. I'll be back again!


I've loved reading your blog. I'm so glad you posted this recipe. I'm going to have to try it. We do frosted cookies every year for my husband, and he's out of town, so we're celebrating this weekend. I think I'll try your recipe this year!
And I love the idea of GIANT cookies.

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