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July 08, 2008



It looks like it's been a great adventure, from the photo ... and it sounds like it from this past year.

Happy birthday, and congratulations on the kayak! I love mine; it's mid November and I'm getting ready to head out. I have to admit I don't know how to do an Eskimo roll, but a wet re-entry is easy enough to finish in about three minutes. You should have a self-rescue kit with a bilge pump and a plastic (PVC) bag that goes over the end of one paddle spoon, then you inflate it and attach the other end of the paddle to the boat, usually using the bungee cords behind the cockpit. Now you have an outrigger; put your foot on the airbag, and climb back in the boat - then use the pump to get the water out.

Good luck, and have fun!

Rex Vallis

That is a sweet post.

When and where on the picture? I was thinking Whitney, but it looks more like the Wasatch...

Thanks for loaning your kids to me for the Grand Teton - it was the best - as you well know, they are AWESOME company...

I'm a lucky, proud uncle.

And thirty-seven isn't so old - I'm thirty-five, you know. And there are a few gray ones on my head, too.


Loved your post. Looks like a scrapbook page to me. You should just come scrapbook that this Friday at 7:00! I think I'll skip the kayaking as I'm not good in the water and go to the gym, which I really like especially now I've met my first goal of dropping 10 lbs. Feels so good I think I'll do it again. I may have to make my own list to scrapbook. Happy Birthday!


Happy belated birthday. You look great in your picture, no way do you need to drop ten pounds. Have fun kayaking.


Great post!
You make me LOL re/Linda Hamilton Arms!
Wish I had 'em instead of the grandma-arm-dangles that I have now.
Aging is not kind. Nope...not at all.
I remember playing with my grandmother's arm dangles...and now my grands do the same to me.


Keep workin' on your Linda Hamilton's, girl...
And happy belated birthday!


I'm a loner too! Let's be loners together. Kayaking sounds very, very perfect. I Love, love, LOVED your post (and the comment by that jb person). You are so cool.


Happy birthday to you... now go get in that kyak and have some fun!


This isn't even a drop in the bucket of what you could have listed for the 37 things. (And, by the way, you already have Linda Hamilton arms, and Ginger Rogers legs, and...) Inspiring post. Your husband is a lucky guy!


I LOVED this post! So fun to read 37 things -- and so funny that you are a loner in such a large family!

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