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Hello! I am glad you are here. A little bit about me: I work, I play, I sew, I paint. I want to knit and kayak. I have dogs and a cat. I have lots of kids. I cook (a lot). I make things. I live in the fooothills of Utah's Rocky Mountains. I use homebirth, homeschool and homeopathy. I use a lot of things I find. I believe in creativity, the art of domesticity, and sensible shoes. I believe creativity brings us closer to our Creator. I believe there is always time to create. I get to hang out with my dream date most Friday nights. I go by Mom, Sweetie, Sis, and Denice. I would very much like to hear from you!


art, sewing, quilting, kids, outdoors, cooking, adventure, journaling, mentoring, pretty dishes, thrifting... a little bit of a lot of things