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June 15, 2010



Happy Belated Birthday! What an impressive list of want-tos. I am inspired by it. Sounds better to be dreaming and planning than just keeping my nose above water as of late. I have mucked out several areas of my home and today I was ready to start canning--apricots! Here's to creating daily!


I love the list, what a great way to celebrate you and your wonderful creative tallents all year long. Good Luck! Hope it's a blast and brings you tonz of joy! Hope you blog lots of it too; I love your blogs:)


Happy birthday!!!

Heather Dorius

OOO!!! Pick me! Pick me! I wanna do #4 with you! I need someone to do it with me and whine with me and cry with me and TRIUMPH with me!! :)


Happy Birthday, Denice!! You can do it...enjoy your year of fabulous things to come :)


I can help with number 12!!!


Happy Birthday to you and thanks for the great party favor--you blogging again!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And Holy Cow -- that's a very ambitious list. I hope you manage to do it all -- I know you will!!! (And just think, while you're completing your list, you can document it, thus, completing number 26!)

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